Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Intelligent Evolution

Now that Intelligent Design has been thrown out as a viable theory of the creation of life, then why does the Theory of Evolution hold the sole position of explaining why life is here on Earth?

Evolution is just a theory, and no one really knows if it is true or not. No one was around long enough to state absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is the way life was created and "evolved" to the present time.

Science, at best, is man's best guess on how the life, world, and universe came into being. Religion is also man's belief that there is some higher being in the universe that is responsible for life, the world, and the universe. Either one takes a certain amount of faith in what is true or what someone really wants to believe in.

So to be fair, why not pull evolution from the classrooms as well? If evolution or creationism cannot be proven to everyone's satisfaction, then neither one of them belong in a textbook or the classroom (at least public ones).

By the way, here's where I stand on the Big Bang Theory - God spoke, and BANG!!! The universe was created...


Darwins Hairy Fish said...

because evolution is demonstrable in real life and intelligent design is not.

Evolution = "mans best guess"

Intelligent design should also read: another guess

I know, im going to rot in hell.. but it has to be said.

Tom said...

Hairy Fish:

Cite your source on demonstrating evolution.

If you are thinking of the famous (or rather infamous) white & dark moths at the turn of the century, that data was faked!

If you are thinking of Kimodo dragons, Australia's unique wildlife, & so on, pause & think about this: Why are lions only found in Africa? Penguins in Antartica? People all over the world?

Evolution proponents state that they "evolved" to fit the environment. Creationists believe that God put these creatures there because it was good.

The problem with proving either of the theories beyond a shadow of a doubt is that again, the human record of observation is not long enought to see such physical changes of these animals. We can certainly see what happens when man drains the swamps and we watch the wildlife perish!

Comment on your last sentence: You must believe in God if you think that you're going to rot in Hell. Without God, there is no Heaven or Hell If you believe in God, then you must (or should) believe that God placed man and the creatures on this planet.