Sunday, April 01, 2007

Today's Headlines From Around the World

Bin Laden Surrenders to Afghan Authorities.

Iran Releases British Sailors - "It was all a big misunderstanding."

North Korea Opens Nuke Facilities for Inspectors

All Corrupt Politicians Resign - Congress Emptied - Elections to be Held in November

Al Qaeda Follows bin Laden's Example & Surrenders in Iraq

The Iraqi Government Resolves All Quarrels With Sectarian Leaders - A United Iraq At Last!

Iran Announces Nuke Program Halted, Ahmadinejad Resigns, Elections to be Held, and Holocaust Did Occur

Hillary Announces Withdrawal from Presidential Race

US Troop Funding Crisis Resolved

Islamic Radical Imams Call for Halt on Suicide Bombers - "Does not lead to Paradise"

Hamas & Hezbollah Disband

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality...

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