Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coretta Scott King Funeral

I heard on the radio that various politicians and civic leaders have used the funeral for Coretta Scott King as a podium to bash President Bush, who is in attendance.

Folks, I will say it again - funerals are for remembering the life of the deceased, not to make a grandstanding political speech. This has happened when Rosa Parks died, it has happened during the funerals of fallen soldiers, and it is happening again during this sad event. These actions are totally inappropriate!!

Where is the decency of these speakers? Are they so consumed with hate that they will take each and every opportunity to spew it out? Or are they so insensitive to use these events to further their own agenda?

The more and more that I hear about these insensitive morons, the more I believe that they are not worthy of my attention, support, or votes. I wonder how many other people out there listen to these idiots and think the same thing as I do, or worse, think that this is the right time to voice their opinion.


Teresa said...

Indiana is passing a law now that prohibits any and all protests at funerals. I think it should be a federal law. I could not agree with you more.

Concerned Patriot said...

Dude ... I totally agree with you on this one too (no surprise there). I mean, those people were way out of line. You don't turn funerals, memorials, viewings, and the like into forums for voicing your political opinions. You know, you have to give it to the Democrats on this one too ... they sure know how to screw stuff up.