Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Florida Condo for Rent

Since everyone seems to have Easter Weekend plans but me (I'm working), I thought I would pass on this offer to the readers of this blog:


I haven't said anything to anybody about this until now, because I wanted to wait until things were finalized: I just purchased a one-bedroom condominium on Sanibel Island as an investment property.

I finally closed last week. So, I thought I would let you all know in case anyone is interested in accommodations for an upcoming getaway to the island. It's available for weekends or on a weekly basis. For now, I will be handling bookings until I can find an agent.

Weekends will cost about $100 for three nights and $250 for an entire week. These prices are low because they are for friends and family only. Prices will be a bit different for people I don't know, but I can discuss that on an individual basis.

In any case, it's a one bedroom, high-rise unit that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, nestled among lush greens, a short walk to the beach and has a magnificent view of the Gulf of Mexico from every window!

By invitation only on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited reservations.

Let me know if you are interested See photo below.

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