Sunday, April 02, 2006


Oakland County, MI (AP) In a daring raid early this afternoon, the Oakland County Sheriff busted an illegal gambling and loan-sharking operation. In the process of executing the warrent, the Sheriff deputies were stunned to find a blogger only known by the name Tom being held for ransom. What was unusual were his kidnappers - his cats! However, the cats were not scooped up in the raid, and remain at large. Sheriff deputies released the following pictures of the suspected felines.


Details of the kidnapping remain sketchy at this time other than the ransom demand - sushi! Sheriff Deputies speculate that the operators of the illegal gambling den were tired of Taco Hell & Burger Queen takeout, and wanted something different. It is also unknown if the suspected kidnappers were to get a cut of the ransom.

While refusing to press charges against his feline catnappers should they be apprehended, Tom would only say that his cats were victims of an elaborate scam put on by the bookies suspected of being members of the notorius Yellowfin Tuna gang. He stated that they were sucked into a get rich quick scheme betting on the rat races at a little known track located in the Feline Republic. "They got in way over their tails," he said.

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