Friday, May 26, 2006

What Are They Thinking?

As everyone now knows, our wonderful Senate passed a bill to the House which essentially would lead to the illegal immigrants working for citizenship with little or no penalty. I don't have all the details, but the more I hear, the more I believe that the Senate has absolutely no clue what is important to the hardworking citizens of the United States.

What is important is the security of this nation. Giving a pass to 11 million lawbreakers sure doesn't make me feel secure at all. One wonders if they even remember 9/11. What's worse is that the Government of the United States is charged by the Constitution to provide for the security of the country. Without secure borders, we are open to attack from multiple sources.

While I've written on this topic before, I thought (mistakenly) that our elected representatives understood where the average citizen stood. BUZZZZ!!! Wrong!!

I understand fully the desire for people to better themselves, and to travel to places that offer them more opportunity. But I also understand respect for the law, and the immigrants that come to this country by sneaking across the border are not respecting our laws, our country, nor us. How does giving them a shot at citizenship while ignoring the laws of the land beneficial to this country? I have yet to hear of a logical, common-sense (!) explaination.

As I see it, this issue is broken down into 3 parts - security of the order, people who enter illegally, and companies who employ those without citizenship or papers. Each of these issues must be dealt with independently of each other. This so-called "comprehensive legislation" being thrown around as a one-stop shopping solution is a bunch of weasel words designed to delay, obscure, and otherwise mislead the citizenry from the issues until the next election is over. Then they'll do whatever the H*** they want no matter what our desires as citizens are.

Here's the kicker: There are already laws on the books that deal with these issues!! If our elected representatives would start worrying about this country instead of the next election & political power struggles, enforce the laws on the books by funding the appropriate agencies for manpower & equipment, there would be absolutely no need for new legislation. Illegals would be apprehended & deported, companies would be fined, and the border wouldn't resemble Swiss cheese. And we, as citizens, would show our gratitude by voting to allow these wonderful representatives to keep their jobs.

But then again, what the H*** do I know...

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