Monday, May 22, 2006

Why I Don't Trust or Like Hillary

The political pundits are trying to anoint Hillary Rodham Clinton (hereafter HRC because I hate repeatedly disinfecting the keyboard after typing her name) as the next Democratic Presidential candidate, and as the next President. I cannot at this time think of anything more distasteful as I do not believe that HRC is a trustworthy person. Here are my views:

HRC flip-flops on the issues. Over a year ago, HRC made a speech where she stated that she was against rights for illegal immigrants. Yet just a few weeks ago during the "immigrant walkout," she made a speech for immigrant rights. She also voted for the war before she voted against it just like John "I Wanna be Prez" Kerry.

HRC takes a very biased view on the law. Just like her husband Bill, she will twist the law around to suit her needs. For instance, I understand that she was on the legal team that stated that Executive Privilege did not apply in a criminal investigation. What? Yep, that was during the Watergate scandal with President Nixon. Yet when an investigation into her Presidential Husband's "affairs" and actions demanded that documents & records be turned over, Executive Privilege was cited as the reason not to turn over said documents & records.

Would HRC comply with any investigation? A resounding NO! is in order here. If you remember, HRC was compelled to turn over billing records from the Whitewater real estate work that she did as a member of the Rose Law Firm. Months passed before the documents "mysteriously" appeared on a coffee table, and HRC stated that she had no idea how they got there. Mysterious, indeed...

Why the name change? When ole' Bill was trying to get elected to his second term, HRC's handlers demanded that the press use her middle name anytime she was to be mentioned by name. My thought is that she was starting to plan a Presidential run in the future, and wanted her name to sound "strong." Considering that Bill had some fun on the side with Monica, she needed to be...

What's good for the gander might have also been good for the goose... There are unsubstantiated reports that HRC had an affair with the late Vince Foster. They were seen in public patting each other's fannies and talking in endearing terms to each other. It does make you wonder, doesn't it?

World's Smartest Woman? Show me the IQ test results, and I might change my mind on this one. To the best of my knowledge, Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest IQ on the planet. The spin masters have really taken this one for the ride around the block several times. Just because you write a book doesn't mean you're a genius. (By the way, I knew we were in trouble when Bill's own people were calling him "Slick Willie.")

Investment Whiz? Who out there can take $1000 and turn it into $100,000 with almost no knowledge of what you were doing? HRC did, and even though the SEC found no evidence of fraud, I'm still not convinced there wasn't something more than odd about the deal. If only my investments did as well... Perhaps she could use this "experience" to bail out Medicare and Welfare from going into the toilet in a few years without asking for more taxes out of my pocket...

Healthcare Reform As some of you out there know, the politicians are not on the same health plan for retirement as the rest of us. Yep - their needs will be taken care of until death without the muss, fuss, or worry that the rest of us would need to worry about. Drugs or food - that won't be their worry, it'll be which drugs with caviar & Viagra. HRC's health care reform would have not helped any of us in the long run, raising taxes to support the larger beauracracy which would be needed to manage the program. And we all know how the government manages programs... And I expect this same topic to come up when (not if) she runs for the Presidency.

Public Speaking Ability. Has anyone really listened to HRC give a speech? Her voice grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. If she were elected, I think I would mute the TV and radio anytime she would come on. Maybe I'll ask for that overseas transfer...

Taxes. HRC has come out in favor of higher taxes, making the statement that lower taxes will not work. Oh really? Then why is the economy, in general, booming after GWB lowered taxes?

OK, that's my short list, and I expect a few HRC supporters to come in and flame me to a toasty, golden brown. Go ahead - but remember, I OWN THIS BLOG!! And kindly refer to my comment policy posted in the right hand column.

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