Monday, June 12, 2006


I was listening to the radio today, and it is absolutely amazing how the media and Democrats seem to be talking out of each side of their mouths. For instance:

Last week, al Zarqawi was killed in a bombing raid. One of the comments that I heard in the MSM was that we should not be rejoicing over the death of a human being. Now considering that this person sent other people out on suicide bombing missions on US military & Iraqi civilians alike, orchestrated the kidnapping & beheading of innocents (of which he is suspected of actually committing), and has generally created as much death & chaos as possible in a country that is not his own (he was from Jordan). He has been called an absolutely evil person for his planning and participation in these atrocities. I ask you, exactly what are we supposed to do at news of his death? Mourn? And yet, for all this person's misdeeds, are we supposed to feel sympathy for him since he got a couple of bombs dropped on him? Get real!!

We have seemingly forgotten what terrorists really stand for. They stand for murder & chaos wherever they go and commit their foul deeds against the innocent. Our media has started calling our soldiers terrorists because of a few isolated incidents which seem to have been justified from the soldier's perspective. Let's compare terrorists and our soldiers for a couple of seconds:

  • Terrorists target the weak and innocent, soldiers target the enemy.
  • Terrorists seek to maximise casualties among non-combatants, soldiers try to minimize non-combatant causualties.
  • Terrorists will sacrifice themselves for a higher personal cause (entry into Paradise), soldiers will sacrifice themselves to save their buddies, the civilians around them, and their country.
  • Terrorists thrive on the chaos their actions cause, soldiers seek to prevent it if not avoid it.

Need I go on?

In principal, I agree that rejoicing over a person's death is not right. That would put us on par with the Arabs that were rejoicing in the streets when 9/11 happened. I think relief would have been the proper thought in this case - this person would not be able to plan or commit any more murders. And perhaps that corner of the world would be a little bit safer for everyone.

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