Monday, June 19, 2006

US Under Economic Attack

Is there now any question that the United States is under economic attack from all corners of the globe including our own country? If you don't think so, here are a few things to chew over...

First on my list is the number of jobs that have been exported to countries around the globe in search of cheaper labor. Most recently, the country with the world's largest population (China, for those of you in Rio Linda) is now the hot spot for companies to invest and build factories in. So much so that Mexico is crying in their tequila & Corona over the loss of jobs as companies move their operations from Mexico to China. No wonder that Mexico is now exporting their people to the United States so they will send money back to the land of sombreros.

Many of the heavy equipment & machine tool manufacturers have closed up shop in this country and have moved to or are owned by companies overseas. It seems that the majority of companies supplying equipment to the automotive industry are now either Japanese or European owned. This does not bode well for long-term growth.

One of the reasons for the Euro currency was for the European nations to compete economically with the United States. In some respects, it has succeeded - the dollar has been devalued vs. the Euro, making it harder to sell United States made goods in Europe. But nothing like the goods made in China.

China, I believe, represents the real threat to the United States and the world. The amount of money being poured into this Communist nation is staggering. The question is now what isn't made in China? It seems that the majority of items that we need for everyday life comes from China. And here's the kicker - China could nationalize all the factories and industries that were built by foreign countries/investors, and get away with it! How, you may ask?

In short, China has everyone by the economic short-hairs. China owns a massive amount of US Treasury Bonds as well as in other countries. If China dumped (i.e., sold) these bonds on the market, the world's economy (especially ours) would go into a massive recession. Our currency would become almost worthless overnight. And to back that up, China has the world's largest standing army with the largest population. Technology-wise, they are not up to par with the United States, but Mr. Bill helped them a lot with missle-guidence technology. What they may lack in equipment, they will make up in human bodies...

Although I mentioned the previous Democrat administration in the above paragraph, this is not isolated to the various Democratic or Republican administrations. Neither one of these parties is particularly friendly to the American worker, no matter what the spin they put on it. Various treaties (like NAFTA) and granting of Most Favored Trading Status to China is not the domain of either political party. No, these parties are driven by power and greed, and they will sell us out for either or both.

I keep hearing the words "level playing field" but have yet to hear or see anything that our duly elected leaders have put into action. While I know that protectionism is not the right path to take, I do begin to wonder. Other countries bend over backward to protect themselves, but our politicians seem hellbent to giving ours away. One sign of this is the debate on immigration reform, to which I say, enforce the current laws!!! But I digress...

Our attention is consumed by the war against terror (manifested by Iraq), immigration, political & ideological turmoil, and yet the real backbone of this country is dissolving before our eyes. The very measure of our country's success is disappearing - the middle class, the American worker. Somehow, I don't think that the "service-based economy" is going to cut it.

Let your elected representatives know of your concerns, and also let them know that they need to earn your vote for this election and the next, and party lines be damned!! This is your country - VOTE!!

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