Thursday, June 22, 2006

WMDs Found!!

Sometimes it's nice to be right. I've made the comments on this blog and others that it was absolute idiocy to think that Saddam got rid of all the WMDs in his inventory. Now there is a military report that 500 chemical weapons (including Sarin and Mustard Gas) have been found in Iraq since 2003.

The Liberal talking heads are making statements that since these weapons were pre-1991 weapons and some of them are in a degraded condition, they didn't count as reasons to depose Saddam. They also made the statements that Saddam didn't have any WMDs (of which chemical weapons are). Are they nuts? What part of WMD do they not understand? Debating that the definition of what a WMD stands for is like Bill Clinton debating what the definition of "is" is...

It does not matter how old the chemical weapons are - they are still dangerous! The term "degraded condition" can mean that the weapons may not be able to be fired out of a cannon, or the contents not be as potent as they once were. But I sure wouldn't want to be around them if the contents of these weapons were released!

What bothers me is that the Liberal politicians (and we know who they are) are discounting this information when it is so obvious that they were wrong! Saddam had WMDs in his country when he said he didn't. And yet the Liberals in the media and their political counterparts insist on minimizing the evil of this deceptive dictator and the damage that these weapons could incur.

What bothers me more is that the contents of these weapons could still be used by terrorists if they found them. At this point in time, we do not know if al-Qaeda has found any, or if there are any WMDs with Saddam's fingerprints are in other countries or buried in the desert. Sooner or later, and I hate to predict this, al Qaeda will attempt to use any WMDs they find against the US. Where they will attack is anybody's guess.

A final word: We do need to get out of Iraq, but only after the Iraqi government is stable and able to take care of itself. We cannot leave prematurely, not matter how bad we want the troops to come home. To leave and have Iraq fall into chaos or another dictator's hands would negate the sacrifice of the soldiers who have fallen. And that would be a tragedy.

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