Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fixed, But More to Come

Well, got through the posts, so if I missed something somewhere, please let me know.

And while I was in here, I thought (in typical engineer fashion), let's change the look again. So, I did.

Hope everyone likes the reformatting of the blog, and there will be some more changes soon. Looking at installing Haloscan soon. A few of you have gotten me convinced that this would be a good thing.

Have a great weekend.


Pirate said...

you are so far ahead of me when it comes to messing with the blog template. i know so little i don't want to mess with it much. I coined a word to desribe blocks like me, techtarded. Yep they be me.

Tom said...

Pirate - I'm just an intelligent idiot. I know enough to get me by as well as in loads of trouble. That's why I have a temporary blog to try things out before the changes get carried over to the main blog.

The templates are written in HTML with Blogger's tagging, and I've added some Javascript code for the scrolling in the sidebar. If you know where to look, there are some great tutorials for HTML, and many sources for FREE Javascript code. Let me know if you are interested, I'll look up my sources & email them to you.

Pirate said...

Please email the information. I would like to ad some changes to my blog but have no idea how.

Teresa said...

Oh, no two technotards at work. I am going to have to keep a tag on your blogs! :)

Tom said...

Hey Pirate - look out!! We have MOM looking over our shoulders!! ;)