Saturday, March 04, 2006

U.S. Foreign Aid and United Nations Voting Records

I recently received an email that listed the amount that various countries received in foreign aid from the United States, and the voting records of these same countries in the UN on issues beneficial to the US. Deciding to look this information up, I found that this particular email was listed on a couple of sites to be bogus.

But since there is sometimes truth in a lie, I researched a little further and found some information that relates to this topic. The Heritage Foundation had this article in their Research Trade and Foreign Aid section. It's from 1998, but it does show that aid does not buy loyalty. Not wanting to stop there, I started looking into our official government accounts & websites. Here's what I found and links to them:

Our government really should review who is receiving our tax dollars, and for those nations who spout off calling for the downfall of the United States and its citizens, yank that aid & put it back into the place where it would do the most good - the taxpayer's pockets!!


shoprat said...

They'll never put it back in the taxpayer's pocket, but at least keep the money here.

Tom said...

Yeah, I know. But there is alway hope that they would wake up and do the right thing.