Thursday, March 02, 2006

News Bytes 2

Saddam had WMDs after all. Read at Investors Business Daily. Hat tip to Anne at Backyard Conservative for finding this.

For yet another example of the biased media, look at CUG's Post on the latest CBS Poll.

What is your child learning in school? Michille Malkin has a report here, and I also heard the tape on the radio earlier today.

Yahoo! News has a report that an al-Qaida terrorist has been apprehended in Iraq and has confessed to committing 116 beheadings.

The Clarmont Institute has this analysis titled Islamic Chauvinism and the Mohammed Cartoons on what the now infamous Mohammed Cartoons really symbolize, and it's not pretty.

The National Review has this post on why the Dubai Ports World deal should be cancelled.

The BBC logs this report on the India Nuclear deal. I expect more debate on this than the Dubai Ports World deal.

Finally, for a chuckle on what dogs really think, and some interesting bumper sticker sayings, visit Really Funny Wednesday by Gunn Nutt.


Pirate said...

the Chinese communist operate the Panama canal and the ports at Long Beach California. No one seems to alarmed about that.

If the press was lead to a missle silo with a live round pointed at us or israel they would still claim Bush lied.

I think it is smart to ignore most of the debate in the press because all they do is lay in wait for a response then parse it and twist it in order to continue the debate.

Its time for Bush lean on one elbow at the podium and squint as he does, looking right into the eyes of those in the press and the left side of the aisle and say, "Okay guys what the hell's your plan?" Then say just as I thought, you don't have one.

Joe Hagarty said...

Unfortunately, these same media misinformation generators are the same one dominating our educational environments. Note the increase in homeschooling and the decrease in public educational quality. Nice to speak with you again Tom.